Monday, February 14, 2011

February Mistakes 2010

Last month I decided to post my mistakes of 2010 rather than a yearly recap. 
Unfortunately my "oops" moments were more interesting than my warm, fuzzy Oprah moments. 

You can read JANUARY if you're truly bored.
Thankfully February was a short month and my mistakes were few.

The BigDaddy was sick in February. There's nothing worse than a man nursing a cold. Nothing. 
There's nothing worse than a man sniffling on the couch amid a pile of dirty tissues either.
I thought I'd put on my apron and break out the soup recipes.

I started making soups in late January. Some soups were quick, others were time consuming. He who shall remain nameless requested a different soup every night.
Did I say requested?
I meant whined begged.

"Never ask a man what he wants to eat...they usually tell you, 
and this does not make a happy wife".

(Here's an easy SOUP in case you find a sniffly man-child on your sofa)


This is an easy one.

"Don't go to Florida in mid February and expect to wear your bathing suit"
(This wasn't a huge disappointment for me).


I caught up on a few movies while lounging around a sunless Florida 
on Valentines Day. 
It was lonely.
On the upside, I ate Hershey chocolate hearts for breakfast.
On the downside, I discovered my face is not too old to break out.

"Being alone on Valentine's Day really isn't that bad. 
Eating an entire bag of chocolates because there's no one ripping it out of your hands...not good".

Another easy one.

"Choose your pictures wisely. Especially if you have grown children who think they're comedians".

Molly's Birthday arrived, as always, on February 28th.

Every time we visit her I get a little emotional. This isn't a mistake. 
(Although it does cause her eyes to roll somewhat).
Every time we visit her on her Birthday we take her out to dinner.
This certainly isn't a mistake.
I miss the MollDoll.
"If you believe that every time a year passes it gets easier 
to say goodbye to your college student...
you're making a huge mistake"

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  1. Nice to read of someone else's mistakes and misfortunes - one tends to think it is only oneself that makes these boobies.