Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mistakes of 2010...Here's January!

I was about to post a review of 2010, but decided it was totally unnecessary.

If anyone is interested in my year, they can simply search my blog archives.
I'm embarrassed by my early posts.
They were random, uninteresting, and full of clipart. 

(I'd love to erase them.) 

I'm not saying that the latter part of 2010 was full of meaningful blog postings.        
But I did develop a little rhythm, and I didn't worry about posting daily.
Even the kids read it....sometimes.

I started to enjoy my blog, and tried not to worry about what YOU were thinking...besides, I didn't really know who most of YOU were anyway : )

(That made me much more appreciative of your interest by the way!)

So, I've decided to review every month, and list what lessons were learned.

January 2010

I made just a few mistakes in January.


When BigDaddy and I dropped Molly back at ND,
I snapped this pic of her hugging her Daddy. 
I started to cry. 
Molly looked slightly horrified sad.

This was her second year...there is no crying in the second year. 
I quickly learned my first lesson of 2010.

"Don't cry when returning your child to school. 
By the time you go home and clean up the mess they left, Spring Break begins"


I took TeacherGirl on a tour of Downtown Chicago wedding sites. 
I told her she was my oldest daughter and her wedding would be phenomenal. 
I forgot to mention that we had a budget. I spent most of the afternoon pulling her hat over her eyes so she couldn't see that a sweet table AND "late-night" sliders were an option. She spent most of her time calling me "Cheapy-McCheap"...a phrase usually used to describe her father.

"Never promise your daughter a phenomenal wedding
phenomenal means much more than you're willing to spend"


I let Cooper play in the snow. He seemed to enjoy it. He ran around, and around, and around...then he collapsed. 

"Never let a five pound Yorkie frolic for an hour in the snow (no matter how cute he looks), 
he'll freeze his paw pads and require an expensive trip to an emergency vet"

and lastly...


"When you put up something inflatable, make sure you take it down by January 1st. 
Not everyone in your neighborhood finds inflatable decor tasteful"

Four mistakes...not a bad month.

February will follow shortly!