Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When Irish Eyes...

...are closing!
It's been a very busy and awesome Irish month!

LawyerBoy is exhausted, and I'm a little tired myself!
Eleanor seems to be holding up well. I think she's answering her Daddy's emails.

The Rovers were standing in the icy river while Jimmy Fallon did the Chicago Polar Plunge! 

You can read about that HERE!

Two years ago we had eighty degree weather for the parade...

We weren't so lucky this year (or last)!
Here's a few more pics ....

Another great St. Paddy's Day here in Chicago.

And Nite Nite Eleanor!


  1. I'm still hoping to make it to Chicago one of these days for that parade!! What a precious little granddaughter you have now! Gosh, time flies, doesn't it?

    1. Much too quickly! Already have two and there's two on the way!