Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's been a long time...

We've lost our Ozzie this month.
It's been difficult to wake up each morning and know he's gone.
He's had some health issues, but we're still surprised, and very sad that he's no longer here with us.

For everyone who's lost a pet, I'm sure you understand how we feel.
He had a great life with us, and I'm doing my best to remember that.

Both Ozzie and I didn't quite embrace city life.
Crowds, traffic, small spaces...and Ozzie isn't a fan of elevators. 
Neither am I.

So...we've decided to run back to the 'burbs in a few weeks.
Cooper never got used to high-rise window cleaning.
And I miss the space.

We've all had our issues.

City or burbs, life still goes on.

And...there's more grandchildren on the way!!!!

TeacherGirl is getting close to her due date, but we know that doesn't mean a thing.
My little grandson has his own agenda.
And sweet Mary Clare is going to be a big sister this Fall!

Our family continues to grow, and we're blessed and very grateful for these new little people.

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  1. Mary Elizabeth.. just came across your blog. So sorry about your loss. My husband and I lost our rescue baby after 14 years. We got a new puppy right away and it is running me ragged. Your blog is great.