Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Oh my...

...it's been quite awhile!

Christmas was wonderful, having the babies with us made it even better!

I headed to Florida and was very lucky to avoid this Chicago winter.
The snowfall hasn't been this bad since 1979.
The kids managed to send me numerous phone pics along with their obnoxious sweet comments.

Eleanor and Mary Clare sent me pictures, along with FaceTime sessions!

We're moving again!
Living here in the city was fun but it does have it's downside.
I'm a suburban girl and I miss the open spaces. I also miss my friends.
More on that later.

Guess who's having a baby!!

TeacherGirl is due this Summer and this Grandma can hardly wait!!
She's her Mother's daughter, so she just couldn't wait to know that ...

It's a...

We're all very happy for her and can't wait until June!

And lastly,
It's going to snow quite a bit tonight, I suppose I deserve it.

I'll be back soon!

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  1. Babies make it all so special! Congratulations Grandma!