Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thinking of...

Yes I am.

This is the first Autumn that I will not be driving a child to school. It makes me very happy sad.
The last four years have gifted us with loads of great times. 
Having the MollDoll at Notre Dame was a great experience for us all.
TeacherGirl is four years older than Molly, so she finished her college education when our little one began hers.
Eight years in a row of college tuition, as well as college drama has come to an end.

I've finished my eight year run.
I'm fine with that. 
I'm enjoying my new role of grandmother quite a bit! It involves very little drama, and lots of snuggling.
But I'll miss the tailgating, the football games, and everything else about college.
BigDaddy had many serious conversations with Molly while strolling the campus.
But I'm sure those will continue in different surroundings. 
(I will miss the bookstore though!) 

I won't miss the late night, long distance phone calls that made me want to drive one hundred miles in my pajamas.
Knowing my daughters are working rather than "studying" makes me happy.

My blog has been somewhat sporadic. I really don't have any reasons for that,
other than my mind is full of babies new things, and I'm enjoying a simpler life. 

I do have an ongoing relationship with PINTEREST though!

I've noticed I have three times as many followers on Pinterest than I do on my three year old blog!
That's not too hard to understand. 
I'm obsessed with other people's creativity. The talent is amazing.
The recipes are making me a little doughy though. 
I'm going to have to start paying more attention to the DIY board rather than drooling over the sweets.
Speaking of sweets...  

(And it's not too sweet, even when you add white chocolate chips and crushed Teddy Grahams)

It was an easy recipe, and decorating the jar made me feel quite crafty.

College. Pinterest. And granola.
That's all I have for today.
I'm off to snuggle with my sweet Mary Clare.
I think I should create a Pinterest board about my granddaughters. 
They're much better than granola, even when you add the Teddy Grahams.


  1. This sounds yummy! I still have one in college for one more year to worry about - thank goodness she'll only be an hour away for that drive in my pj's if it becomes necessary. A wedding is coming up this spring, but I'm afraid I have to wait a few years for those grandbabies! Glad you're enjoying yourself! (I love Pinterest, too, but have somehow managed not to become addicted!)

    1. Happy Wedding Barb! I'm full of ideas regarding showers and weddings!
      Those grandbabies will appear before you know it!!