Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthdays, Babies, and...

...lots of love!

Yesterday was a celebration.

It started out as a birthday party for the BigDaddy, slowly morphed into a baby palooza, 
and ended with two exhausted fifty-somethings eating too much cake. 

It was the best party. Ever.

Yes, it says Hippy Fart Day.
When I hung this banner it had nothing to do with farts, or hippies.
Last Christmas my twig tree grew a new word. 
My decor is fair game for my thirty-something boys.

Fatherhood has matured my sons in many ways, but their humor remains at a ten year old level.
I still love them.
I pray that their wives will continue to love them, because they can't come back.

When the rumpus ended, I felt a little sad.

I spent years dreaming of my children starting families of their own.
Now that they're doing that, I think I want them back.

Well, maybe it's just those grandbabies I want.

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