Saturday, August 25, 2012



No, I am not Southern.
My parents did live in Atlanta for awhile, but I don't think that counts.

Very late last night I was sorting through my recipe binders and found this recipe.
I tucked it away awhile ago but never made it.

My grand plan is to go through all my unused recipes and either try them or toss them.
(I will not post a picture of my three drawers full of recipes that haven't made it into a binder)
I quickly tossed all the recipes that called for tapioca, prunes, and unflavored gelatin.
Just typing those words makes my skin crawl. 

So, I tried Comeback Sauce, and it's now going to be a favorite in our household. At least I think so.
I will explain my addiction to pre-cooked bacon and Panda Express Orange sauce another time.

You can find the recipe right here...

And just as the author says, you can put it on almost everything but cheerios.
I wouldn't recommend tapioca, prunes, or gelatin either.


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