Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's 86 degrees here...

...but I'm thinking Halloween.

I've always been obsessed with Halloween.
My mother always decorated the front window on October 1st.
She did this while I was at school, and it was always a surprise to walk home and see our window in all it's splendor.

Would love to have a picture of that, but I'll always remember it in my heart.
Throughout the years I've enjoyed decorating for my children. As my children got older, 
my decorations were there to entertain the neighborhood little ones.

Now I've got two precious grandbabies, and I'm hoping they will eventually share my love of Halloween.

I'm sure other bloggers have created this decoration, and Pottery Barn has had it in their catalog for a ridiculous price!
Here's my easy-peasy tutorial for a Witch's Broom!

You'll need:

Lots of sticks! 

One long, thick branch, or a dowel rod for the top of the broom
florist tape
black spray paint, I used glossy but matte works too!
Orange ribbon

Bunch the sticks together around your large stick or dowel
Bind together with wire and cover wire with floral tape.
Then spray paint those twigs like a crazy woman! Cover the tape too!

Add some ribbon, trim the twigs if you want a neater look.

And stash it away until October. 
The neighbors have enough to talk about.

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  1. I love it! I always enjoyed Halloween decorating, too. Thanks for this tutorial!! Easy, just the way I like them!