Monday, October 3, 2011

My TeacherGirl...

...she's full of sweetness!

She invited us to a school mass in the city.
There's been some changes at her school and she's very lucky to have has such a  beautiful new classroom. 
It makes me wish I was four and she was my teacher!
Well, maybe not.

I was introduced to the Smart Board.
I know my age is showing...and I was very impressed.
But no chalk? No erasers? 
I seem to be bombarded with changes lately, and I'm slow in keeping up.

Thankfully there's still markers and watercolor paints!

And a "Home Living Center"!

And things that remain the same...
(little ones still need a reminder)

Grandma joined us for the tour of Maggie's classroom.
I was happy she was equally awed by the new technology.

Yes...I am old and technically challenged.
But thankfully, not alone.

"I am indebted to my father for living,
but to my teacher for living well"

~Alexander the Great


  1. I've never seen a smart board. My grandlittles have plain old chalk boards in their school.

    What a beautiful, inspiring classroom!

  2. Just stumbled on your blog. It's lovely. Thank you for sharing your life. Please visit me at sharon

  3. I have a son who teaches middle school math. Now I'm a bit jealous that he hasn't invited me to his classroom. Ha!
    Love your daughter's classroom! The colors/brightness are wonderful. Makes me wish I had such a happy place when I was a youngster in school (back in the olden days:)