Friday, September 30, 2011

Old friends...

...and oatmeal.

I met my friend Leigh at the Corner Bakery last week.
I think I can safely label her as an old friend. Sorry Leigh.
She was LawyerBoy's kindergarten old friend it is.

She was the teacher everyone wanted for their precious children. You know what I mean. 
She didn't tolerate the nutty parents or the bullying five year olds. 
She dressed nice, she welcomed surprise parents visitors, and she loved her job. 
Leigh moved on to start her own family after LawyerBoy's class year ended.
I was heartbroken, and worried that my other kiddos wouldn't receive a proper kindergarten experience. 
They were fine, but I missed Leigh.

So we sat and ate our oatmeal for three hours.
We ignored the looks while we coveted a window table.

The visit was priceless.
The recipe is here
I added my own favorites...dried blueberries, flaxseed (because I'm old), and walnuts.



  1. Oh that sounds like a wonderful (and yummy) time spent together. Nothing better than an old friend:)

  2. We visited Corner Bakery last month on our trip to the Windy City and they were SOLD OUT of the oatmeal. The nerve!!! It looked SO dreamy-good.

  3. I love oatmeal in the fall...although it's not quite fall here in Arizona yet. Still almost 100!