Monday, September 12, 2011


Life here has been hectic and full of changes.
I wasn't surprised when I started to write this post and discovered that blogger has made a few changes also. 
Sure, bring it on. I can take it.

I have 1053 messages hovering in my inbox.
I refuse to read them.
My mother is still confused and fighting her rehab process all the way.
I expect no less.

Life goes on. 

The MollDoll has a job interview. 
A great opportunity. 
In Portland. 

That's still in Oregon I believe. 

She's wee bit upset that the Irish are stinking up the stadium not playing their best these last two weeks. 
But her life at Notre Dame is much more than football, and now she's in her last year. 
The job search is her main priority. 
But Portland just isn't going to work for me at all. I'm sure she'll take my feelings into consideration. 

Sure she will.

Michael and Margaret have found a house. I love it. 
BigDaddy and I had a great dinner Saturday night with friends, so we drove around 
the house several a couple of times. 
At first I slouched down in my seat but that hampered the view, so we parked the car.
We walked up and down the block pretending to be deep in conversation while eyeballing the roof. 
Just call me Gladys Kravitz...if you're younger than me you have no idea what I'm talking about.

I can't wait to help them decorate. Of course I will wait patiently for the invitation. 
And I won't bring my paint colors or fabric swatches until they ask. 
(And then I'll just pull them out of the trunk).

And if there isn't enough randomness in this post...

TeacherGirl made stuffed peppers for her new hubby and posted them on Facebook. 
I thank God for technology. How else would I know what she's doing? 

I used to be happiest when my children were snug at home wearing pajamas. 
The best I can do now is hope they're snug wherever they are, pajamas or not.
(As long as it isn't Portland....or anywhere outside a thirty mile radius).

Today I visited my Mom and I wore my big smile.
I am her only audience.

We sit knee to knee and talk. I talk more.
She doesn't like one of her therapists. She told her she didn't like her. 
There are no filters anymore.
She loves a McDonald's hamburger, but no fries. 
Sometimes I bring a chocolate shake but she doesn't like that they put whip cream on them now. 
I don't really like that either.

She says she feels like a burden. I told her she is an absolutely huge burden.
She loves my sarcasm. 

I've had my Mom for a very long time. I'm very lucky.
The days now are extra little gifts, full of sad and funny moments. 
I'll take what I'm given and be thankful.


  1. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your blog. Love the name and love your writing! Just the other day I told a "youngster" who is 30, that I treat every day as a gift (now that I have turned 50). What you wrote is so true "full of sad and funny moments." I am thankful too. Blessings!

  2. I love the way you talk about your grown children. I feel the same way about mine. Love it!

  3. I love your randomness! I haven't posted for a while myself and I have waited so long I don't even know where to begin...I might just be random like you :)

  4. Portland is a wonderful city. You are going to love visiting it. I'm trying to be positive ~ is it helping?

    Susan and Bentley

  5. I would be happy with Portland - one of mine is in England. Portland would at least be doable. Enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Can relate-especially to the grown children/parent thing--so hard to adjust to our new roles--good that you are able to be there for your mom--I lost mine nearly 40 years ago when my children were babes and I couldn't be there as much as I wanted when she died from brain cancer. I still grieve about that.

  7. It's a direct flight to Portland. :)
    You would love to visit here.