Monday, September 5, 2011

Trying... get my groove back!!

It's been a rough few weeks.
I've been reading all your lovely posts, and they've brightened my days,
but I've been having a hard time trying to come up with anything post-worthy!

Carolyn and I did enjoy a wedding though...

Chicago architecture continues to amaze me, 
and Holy Family church never disappoints.

Thank you MaryLou and Jim for finding each other, 
AND choosing such a beautiful spot to make it official!

It was a beautiful day.

Unfortunately my Mom had a serious fall last week and was rushed to the hospital.
She's in rehab now, and continues to be a little ornery when it comes to directions...
hmmm, I think I may have inherited that gene.

My days have been a little hectic and a little sad, but I'm doing my best to be grateful.
Life's a continuous roller coaster but we're holding on tight.

I've managed to sneak in a few Halloween items around the house.
I know it's early, but Halloween has always been a favorite time for me.
My Mom used to indulge me when I was little. And I always made sure my children enjoyed this time of year.

Although I'm distracted, crafting continues to be great therapy.
I've made a wreath for the front door and it's waiting patiently to be hung.
For now it's hiding on the sunporch, counting the days until the Halloween season.

I'm counting the days too.

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  1. The stained glass windows at the church ARE beautiful!!