Monday, March 28, 2011



Yes, it's good to be home. 
The sun is shining, the grass is trying it's hardest to turn a shade of green, and no one touched the mail...

BigDaddy hasn't touched the mail since he accidentally threw away one of my Glamour magazines in 1982. 
At least he knows how important some things are to me.
I'm touched by that...but he could have opened his mail.

Nancy Jane and I poked around the hip town of Matlacha last week. 
I've been there before, but that trip doesn't count.
BigDaddy and I took a ride there a few years ago. Let me rephrase that...

BigDaddy and I plowed through Main Street as if the Matlacha police were on our tail, and the entire time he chanted:

"I see absolutely nothing here that interests me".


Matlacha (Matt-la-shay) is called "a sleepy, little fishing village".
All 800 residents reside on the water.
Yes, I used to pronounce it Match-a-lotta, but so did a lot of other tourists.
I quickly learned the proper pronunciation. And I no longer think of myself as a tourist.

The shops are fun, the fish are plentiful (and melt in your mouth), and the locals  love to chat. 

This sign reminded me that I need shoes for the wedding!
I'm hoping I can find the shoes that will change my luck yet.

(Nancy shopped for our dinner here and learned much more than she needed to know about searing scallops...
...the locals think the tourists can't fish or cook or drive.)

I believe TeacherGirl somehow planted this display here to remind me to come home...and it did.

The Matlacha police were on a ticket writing frenzy.
Nancy and I eavesdropped while one of Matlacha's finest wrote a citation for a cracked license plate.
Yikes...he'd have a sore wrist if he lived in Chicago!

We ventured a little farther and discovered the town of Bokeelia.
Fishing piers, palm tree farms, and tropical fruit farms dominate.
It's wide open and designed to preserve the rural island heritage.

Nancy and I did manage to find something glittery.
I'm not posting it here though (BigDaddy sometimes reads my blog).
But its worn on the wrist and makes me happy.
Enough said.

I can't post anything unless it has some tie to my feathered here they are...a few birds of Bokeelia.

Have a wonderful week ladies!


  1. So picturesque! I love the bottle tree (post) and the bubble (polkadot) house! :-)

  2. 1. Such a colorful post!

    2. Boy, did I get a chuckle from BD's comment driving through town! ;-)

    3. So the town's name sounds kinda like the bed cover then?

    4. May I ask what that door is doing in the middle of the pier?

    5. I love that tree Nancy's relaxing under.

    6. Now go ahead and add that portrait to the Tweeter Board! (Whatever that is!)

    Note: 6 comments for the price of one! :-)

  3. You are damn organized girlie!
    And I appreciate the 6 comments but I would have preferred that you post them one at a time (under different names) so I look popular.

    Duvet..matlacha...yep, same sound.

    That door is there because it's a private pier, Whoever has access has a key to enter beyond that point!!

    I don't know what kind of bird that is, so how can I add it to the board??

  4. Oh, I want to go to Matlacha! I'm so glad you got to go back. Traveling with BD sounds a lot like trips with my husband! :)