Friday, March 25, 2011

Greetings from the Sunshine State...

Yes, that's me...eating in the car....a fresh-picked strawberry.

Heaven I tell ya'!
Fresh produce is certainly one of the perks of Florida life.

Unfortunately when I'm here I tend to neglect my blog, let my email morph into triple digits,
and stop shaving my legs.
Heaven once again.

Cooper and I have been enjoying the trip but we both know that we'll be back home way too soon.
Neither of us are happy about that. But we miss Ozzie...and BigDaddy too.

TeacherGirl has been nagging updating me on her upcoming wedding.
She's a little concerned that I'm soaking up the rays and sipping rum drinks when I should be working on the wedding. So I'll be home this weekend, rested and ready for battle.

As soon as I cross a few tasks off my to-do list I'll try to be a little more consistent here on my blog.
I sometimes forget that there's a handful of angels out there that actually check my blog on a daily basis! 
This amazes me. And makes me want to hug them.

If I could, I'd send them a strawberry.

See you soon!


  1. Could I have a strawberry, please? ;-)

    Now get back to your daughter and help her!! :-)

  2. can have as many as you wish!
    But stop siding with my daughter...

  3. I'll have a strawberry and one of those rum drinks, thank you! (Enjoy it - you know it's only going to get crazier the closer to the wedding you get!)

  4. We have almost been the sunshine state here in the UK for the last week (not quite strawberry time though) but today it is freezing again - Winter's last bite I hope.