Monday, March 21, 2011

Beach Day...

Nancy Jane came down to Florida today.
We didn't waste any time getting to the beach...

It was suprisingly quiet.

And full of beauty, including the man made kind.

Nancy found a little bit of sea life for me.

That's Nancy Jane...queen of free decor.


  1. Lovein' that sealife for decor! Beautiful day for the beach:)

  2. Oh what a wonderful day! Your beach captures truly make me wish I was in them!!!!

  3. ahhh...i can smell the salt water!

    the song that's playing has brought a tear to my eye. It was my Dad's name and my Mom's song for him.

  4. Jillsy...
    Danny Boy is always a tear-jerker!
    (And I miss my Dad too)

  5. Oh, I want to drop everything and hit a beach! Beautiful photos - can't pick a favorite!

  6. Your pictures make me miss Lake Michigan...childhoods growing up on the beach! Well, biking the Mississippi is pretty nice,too. Just don't want to swim in it without a life jacket!But then our beach water was not exactly warm...:-)