Sunday, February 27, 2011

The W word...


I know my incessant blogging about weddings is getting old.
My friends say they don't mind hearing about strawberry mousse cake filling vs. plain buttercream. 
They assure me that they're not tired of hearing me complain about my weight...
whilst eating chocolate and or potato chips.
They tell me it doesn't bother them when I act like the Bride rather than the Mother of the Bride.

They lie.
And I appreciate it.

I met TeacherGirl and her fabulous husband-to-be rather early for a cake tasting at Oak Mill.

But let's talk about me first...

I never had a cake tasting. My Italian mother ordered my cake (without me) at her favorite Italian bakery. 
The filling was cannoli. I hate cannoli. 
I don't even like how the word sounds. But cannoli it was.

We tasted a variety of cakes and fillings at Oak Mill. 
And maybe it was a little rude of me to request a few cookies to go with my coffee, 
but considering the current cost of cake, a few cookies shouldn't matter.

See that cute little statuette up there next to my coffee?
My MIL gave me that way back in the dark ages the 70's, to put atop my cake.
(The damn cannoli cake).
Maggie and Bryan are going to use it now...on top of their strawberry-mouse- filled-yummy-cake.
I think it kinda looks like them!

We also finalized the wedding invitations...

This wasn't as much fun as the cake-tasting, but it gave me some time to pull out my calculator, add up the damage, and demand that these two take me to lunch.
Not a salad lunch. Real lunch.

They didn't disappoint.

Next on my dress.
{Maybe I should have had a salad lunch?!}


  1. Those are incredible cakes! What fun to do a cake-tryout:) I never did that...
    CANNOT wait to see the Dress post!

  2. OMG! Are those cookies in that first photo? Did you know I'm a cookie monster and those look absolutely irresistible. Although, I'm not sure I'd enjoy eating them as much as I'm enjoying looking at them!

    That is so sweet about them using your cake topper (and sentimental)!

  3. Strawberry mousse filling ~ yummy! What a cute couple!!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. I'm not tired of hearing about the weddings! One day I hope to be helping my kids plan one, but who knows...
    Your cake topper reminds me of ours! So sweet that they're going to use it!

  5. They actually do look a lot like the figurine!