Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She's a Junior?! Good Lord I'm old...

(Quite a lengthy post, you may need a snack)

BigDaddy and I headed to South Bend last weekend.
I think the MollDoll was excited to see us.
We were certainly excited to see her. 
She didn't even mind my obsessive picture taking.
(Well, by Sunday there was a little eye rolling). 

I know I don't have to mention how quickly the years pass by.
But let me just say that Freshman orientation seems like yesterday...


We never really tire of walking the campus.
And I never really tire of taking pictures here.
How could I? 

The university kept us busy with workshops, dinners, and even dancing.
We managed to have a quick dinner with friends at the Emporium before the organized activities started.

Molly's dorm was fighting a battle with conjunctivitis (pink-eye).
ICK ! 
And since Molly is my daughter, she ended up in the infirmary picking up some antibiotic drops. 
We girls seem to have very poor immunity lately.
But she did manage to enjoy the rest of the weekend with her red eyes.

(Alyssa and her parents)

(Maggie and her parents)

(MollDoll battling her texting addiction)

We ordered her ring...this made me a little teary.

We ate at the MARK

I was quite impressed by my Earth Omelette.
Molly told me that taking a picture of my omelette was totally unnecessary.
I didn't agree.
(Let the eye rolling begin).

(Molly and Kerry)

(There's a slight height difference with Molly and her roommate Maggie!)

(Michelle and her Mom...fellow Chicagoans!)

(The MollDoll and I)

I did learn something I never knew before.
It seems the squirrels on campus are thought to be very friendly.
Yes, friendly squirrels reside here at Notre Dame.
Molly insists that it's true.
I did get rather close...

They did like to pose.

We always end our visits with a trip to the Grotto...
These girls took a break from their run to say a prayer...always a good idea.
There's quite a crowd here before finals!

...we left our prayers at the Cathedral.

It was another visit we'll remember.

I'll also remember that Beer Pong has no age limit...

...and we adults have no shame.

"Do not ask that your kids live up to your expectations.  
Let your kids be who they are, and your expectations will be in breathless pursuit".  

~Robert Brault


  1. ME...your photography skills are just getting better and better each time I come and visit. It looks like you all had a beautiful weekend!

    And, I see you've changed your template as well. Very nice!

  2. Thanks for the compliment Jillsy!!
    Coming from you I'll take it seriously!!

  3. nice shots of campus life. You didn't mention her area of study. I know people who went there but no direct family members. Do they have a bigger percentage of Irish than other schools or is that just old historic traditions?
    (oh I browsed over from Jillsy's place)

  4. That looked like fun! We get to go visit our junior daughter this coming weekend. She attends Santa Clara and it is Parent's weekend. However, she also plays volleyball for the club team and they have a tournament in Sacramento this weekend so we will follow her there and watch some volleyball (all weekend)
    It does seem like we just dropped her off for freshman year. {sigh}

  5. Only one of our three daughters graduated from college. The other two were too anxious to start their "life" and we didn't have the money to send them. So today I'm envious of your fun at school.

  6. Lovely to see all the students looking so happy.

  7. oh my goodness, it's been awhile, ME, I'm glad I came back today - I love this post!! Our dear friends in town were ND sweethearts ever since their freshman year, now married 20 years - they take their kids back to ND for a game each Fall - I've heard many stories of their wonderful memories while at ND ... they sound a lot like yours! Glad to see you've been well ... I've loved browsing your beautiful photos from the last couple of months!

  8. Thanks Sloan!
    I just visited you too!

  9. Looks like a fabulous weekend - I love that you took a photo of your omelette and I'm so glad my daughter isn't the only eye-roller! At least yours lets you post pics of her!