Friday, March 4, 2011

Blog Hop with Jillsy Girl!!

That Jillsy Girl can't resist a challenge
(And I just can't resist joining in)
...I do have a little birdie weakness!

l e t 's   t w e e t!
a r o u n d   t h e   w o r l d
but not of the twitter kind


C H A L L E N G E 
between now and March 31st
let's see how many tweeters (birds) we can collect
 in the Tweets Around the World Tweeter Board!

I do take quite a few bird pictures. But it's difficult here in Chicago because of you know who...

We call him the stalker...he's ruined many a shot with his ferocious hunting skills.
And because of his stealth stalking I seem to take better pics in Florida.

Here's my contribution to the challenge...

The Great Blue Heron

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Have Fun!!


  1. First of all, you need to keep the little scoundrel inside during photo shoots! ;-)

    Secondly, you know how much I love blue herons. They are such majestic birds and I get giddy whenever I spot one!

  2. Nice shot - I think people up north are at a disadvantage compared to Jillsy's Georgia location. It's still cold and wet out there.

  3. Nice one! We've got some of these fellas around the lake, but they are really, really shy. We call the one that frequents daily "Old Guy". He walks real slow.