Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog Hop with Jillsy Girl!!

One of the very first bloggers I "met" here was Jillsy.
She's a very talented photographer and her blog is full of beautiful pictures, and loads of other great things. 

I'm joining her this week for "Prompt Me Wednesday"...(Yes, I know it isn't WEDNESDAY but we're allowed to submit our posts ANYTIME this week).

She's given us a "prompt" that will hopefully wake up our creative forces. 
I've needed prompting all my life, so I'm going to try this.
Here's this week's prompt...give it a whirl!

There's quite a bit of love blossoming over here.

First it was Michael and Margaret...then Jerry and Carolyn...and now I'm in the midst of planning TeacherGirl's wedding. And although I may blog about how busy it is, or how costly it is, or how hard it is to find a dress that makes me look tall and skinny, I truly am grateful for it all.

As parents we have plenty of hopes and dreams for our children. 
As the years pass some of the dreams become unimportant, and some of them move to the top of the list. 
When my children were small I never thought about them finding love. I took for granted that they would. 
But it's not an easy world out there. Finding true love isn't guaranteed. 
Keeping it is even harder.

So, although my garden is dormant, and my indoor plants refuse to grow,
there's love all around me. It just keeps on blossoming....

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  1. It does look like love is blossoming in your world. I enjoyed your post.

  2. M.E. I had a feeling when you said you were joining us this week that your post might just be about blossoming love. Your home and family is overflowing with it! You and Big Daddy have been blessed children who are all finding love that will be forever lasting! I know how much that must fill both of your hearts with joy and thankfulness!

  3. Beautiful post and it's so true - one of my biggest wishes for my own kids is that they are able to find the kind of love I've been blessed with (and the strength to hold onto it!) Congratulations and good luck to yours!

  4. Mary Elizabeth is my hero( with wings ) ...I thank you so very much,my most favorite client. "I am" is it!!! ... u r even more awesome, now that I got the opportunity to visit your "nest".
    Many warm wishes and love,