Friday, March 26, 2010

Our First Family Wedding!!

My son Michael married his lovely Margaret last October. While my sons were growing up I obsessed wondered about many things. The thought of them choosing the wrong girl to spend their lives with was just one of those worries that kept me up at night.
My boys are very different. My eldest son {Jerry...also known as JerBear} brought home plenty of girls. The problem with that was I would begin to develop a relationship with them and then...poof...they were gone. He was constantly changing his mind...he liked smart girls, then skinny girls, then funny girls...

I began to ignore whomever he brought home to protect myself...I'm sure some of these girls thought I was terribly rude, {but not as rude as Jerry turned out to be when he stopped calling them}...I really did try to teach him some empathy.  {He's an attorney now... let's leave it at that}...and thankfully he's engaged to a wonderful girl that isn't going anywhere!!...we won't let her.

Michael on the other hand was very different. He dated many girls, all of which I never met.
I remember one high school dance...I waited to meet this lovely girl but Michael met her in the high school parking lot {after one of his wrestling meets}. He didn't see the point in driving home first. I can just picture him handing her flowers among the parked cars. He was quite the romantic...I hope he showered.

After college Michael informed me that if he brought home a girl...she was probably "the one". I believed this bit of information he shared with me. Michael is true to his word, so I waited....

In 2006 he walked into our house with Margaret. 
Poor Margaret!!...we all stared at her with our mouths open.
My daughters whispered to each other...Michael's father kept nodding his head and smiling...and I'm certain I gave this poor girl the worst impression ever... {It's hard to entertain a large group when all you can do is stare at a stranger and wonder if she will be your daughter-in-law}. We soon loved Margaret {she was wonderful} and obviously Michael was smitten... {although "smitten" isn't a word my son would use}.

And the rest is history...

{Wedding Photos courtesy of Carmen Hernandez Photography, Chicago}


And what's a wedding without children?....especially cute ones!

It was a Beautiful Day...


  1. Were you the photographer? I know that's a funny question since, but it's like hairdressers, can you actually do your own gigs? The shots are superb!

  2. Funny!!
    I am a retired hair stylist and I do NOT do my own hair, I was not the photographer...I'm the blonde with the blue dress (and perfectly styled hair)....The photographer was a fellow teacher of my daughter-in-law's.

  3. So funny, I realized I had the wrong blogger right before I came back here! LOL!! :-)

  4. ah yes...when you used the word SUPERB, I knew this post wasn't for me!!