Thursday, February 17, 2011


...gets a bath.

Who knew you need to bathe a bird?

LawyerBoy didn't tell me his bird needs bathing when he dumped left Buster with us.
He didn't tell us a lot of things...he certainly didn't mention the incessant midnight squawk party
this bird hosts every night.

So when Carolyn dropped over for a visit she mentioned that Buster's feathers looked a little flat and not very fluffy. 
So into the sink he flew.

He seemed to enjoy himself. I could understand that.
Two months without a bath is a long time for a bird (so I've learned).

He certainly seemed quite happy when he flew out of the sink and sprayed water all over the mirrors. 
I wasn't quite sure how to dry him anyway.

He perched himself right on Carolyn's shoulder...

I did pray think that she might take him home with her.

But no.
She left him with us.

That's fine.
But if I learn he requires some other grooming treatment such as beak brushing or claw cutting....he may find that his next bath will be down the street.
Far down the street.

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