Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a difference a year makes...

...or not.

I started this blog last year...on the day Molly came home for Christmas break!

I took THIS PICTURE and thought I'd start to write about how everything had changed when my baby bird left the nest.

Things didn't change too drastically.

I think I've adjusted quite nicely.

Molly is home again for Christmas. She's brought home loads of laundry, 
old textbooks, a dirty car, and a teenie-tiny bit of attitude.
I have a month to wipe that away.

One whole month with my Molly.
Oh my.

Things are quite hectic here.
My mantel is reminding me to have a little faith, a little joy, and a Ho Ho Ho,
but I'm struggling!
I took a little tumble on the ice yesterday. 
It wasn't the worst of my many falls but age is no longer in my favor. 
I'm a little sore but nothing can stop me from making Molly's red velvet cake.

You can get the recipe here !

My home is a little messy unorganized, and my kitchen is frightful (like the weather outside)... 

...but things are getting done.


Very slowly.

Our family has been blessed this year.
Gone are the days spent wrapping toddler toys, 
and watching our children's Christmas pageants.  

(LawyerBoy 1985)

We're welcoming new family members, 
and thanking God for our blessings.

We're doing our best to remember what Christmas really means.

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