Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a few random pics...

I didn't plan on taking any pictures at the wedding, but at the last minute I threw my camera into the car. 
I really did throw it. Unfortunately my girly toss was enough to cause something to rattle around inside it. 
It managed to spit out a few blurry pics before it passed out completely. 
My lovely daughter-in-law Margaret posted some lovely shots on Facebook and I promptly stole them. 
What's wrong with a little stealing among family??

Thank You Margaret!

(we still have it!)

(My DIL Margaret on the left, and my niece Colleen.)
Colleen was born five days after LawyerBoy, in the same hospital, in the same sister-in-law and I certainly confused the nurses back in 1980.

Chicago's Shannon Rovers led the bride groom!

(MollDoll and BigDaddy)

(Bryan and Maggie are next!)

(Becky...warming up the dance floor!)

(Taylor...flower-girl extraordinaire)

(beautiful shoes = sore tootsies)

The dancing went on for hours...and hours.
My little feet will never be the same, and that's just fine!

It was an unbelievable night!
Thank you for all your wonderful wishes!!


  1. LOVE the pic of me & my Tay Tay!!! Post them on FB!!!
    -LOVE your #1 fan

  2. HI again, Mary Elizabeth, these photos are just BEAUTIFUL - so much joy in each and every one! Congratulations and Merry Christmas to you!!

  3. Sorry it took so long for me to get here but, well, you know...holidays can get in the way!! Great photos and I finally got to see your hubby! Great looking couple!!