Thursday, November 18, 2010


When my children were little we used to call these birds "peeps"!
I still do.
So while walking the beach last week I yelled,
"Look at the peeps, kids!!"
My kids weren't there. But plenty of other people were.

Thankfully I'm no longer easily embarrassed.

Our next wedding is approaching fast.
It's funny how the groom has very little to do.

Yesterday LawyerBoy stopped over to show us his "pipes"...

And he brought me a little token of appreciation.

I guess I should think about putting up the tree.


He and Carolyn will be relaxing in the tropics this Christmas.
Poor babies.
The rest of us will be freezing enjoying the snow, complaining commenting on our wonderful gifts, and drinking eating too much. 
Just another Christmas here in the 'burbs.

Can't wait!!


  1. I know I will be freezing, complaining, and eating this Christmas.

    All while being surrounded by the people I love.

    Doesn't get any better than that...

  2. Bagpipes!! ! Love them! And I really like your new ornaments.