Friday, November 5, 2010


The day before I left for Florida, we celebrated LawyerBoy's 30th birthday!

I've already blathered on how fast the time went, so I'll spare you more of the same. But I will mention how proud I am of my son.

I'm quite proud. Very proud.

He's an old soul. He's sympathetic, empathetic, generous, and has the best sense of humor. His life wasn't always smoothly paved, he's had setbacks and disappointments, but he's always rallied.

And he still likes macaroni and cheese...and Family Guy.

I'll stop now.

We had a great time at LUXBAR. The weather was beautiful, the city as always, was exciting, and the food was amazing (filet mignon sliders that melted in your mouth like buttah!...and fried chicken!!). Yum.

Here's a few pics...

TeacherGirl loves her big brother.

all my girls!

...and sweetie-pie Becky, my #1 fan!!

 “All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”

~George Harrison


  1. That one picture of me and Jerry is SO UNFLATTERING. Just thought you should know that.
    -Anonymous (but you know who this is hehe)

  2. Lovely, happy photographs to treasure.

  3. I so enjoy viewing your family pics! Everyone is so happy!