Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stalker dogs...

...these boys won't leave me alone!

They follow me into the bathroom.
They stand outside the shower and press their cute, little doggie noses against the glass.

When they're not following me, they're watching me...with one eye.

Cooper spends quite a bit of time waiting for his friends to appear.

And when they show up, he scares them away with his barking. He hasn't learned how to socialize yet. But he's trying. This group walked away quickly when they heard him.

This guy wasn't easily frightened by barking.
At first I thought someone left me a lovely sculpture, but then he spotted me.

He ignored Cooper's barking and graciously posed for me. Although his expression wasn't very warm and fuzzy.

The weather's beautiful, the days are flying by, and I'm in the midst of a quilting frenzy. Check out those tropical colors. I may have to stay until it's finished!

Life is very laid back here in the Sunshine state. I've met new neighbors (and they love to party!).
I've learned where the best shopping is, and I'm now on Florida time.
Big Daddy's at home, working and keeping the castle clean.
I can't wait for him to come down...we need to wipe the dust off our scooter and take it for a ride!

If anyone needs to reach me, I'll be right here...


  1. I got a stalked dog too! I call him my shadow! he is staring at me right now!

  2. You're making me very jealous!! And that little black nose is as precious as it can get! Do they lick your legs when you get out of the shower like Simon does?

  3. Those dogs made me smile - I have one who follows me everywhere too. Lovely shots - also love the quilt colours = very summery.

  4. Jillsy,
    Cooper does the same thing as Simon! I try to dry off while I'm still in the shower!