Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Weekend...

My Florida neighbors have accused me of bringing the Midwest weather with me! I wouldn't do one dislikes cold weather more than I (and my bones). And thirty degrees is quite a bit chillier than a balmy sixty.

I do enjoy watching the native Floridians deal with a cold snap.
They walk around shaking their heads in outrage. How dare that cold weather show up here! 

Thankully things will warm up on Monday
I'm still keeping all the doors and windows open.

This cold snap ain't scaring me and the boys!!

Have a beautiful matter where you live!


  1. Sanibel Island is gorgeous! I was born in Florida and though we ultimately ended up in WA state, I have fond memories of numerous trips to see relatives. My grandfather used to think my sister and I were crazy for daring out to swim in the lake when it was all but 70 degrees out. He would be wearing his flannel shirt and say 'damn, it's cold out'. I think they had the heat set to turn on at 72! Once when they came to visit us in Seattle (it was spring) my grandfather wore my down ski parka the whole time in 55 degree weather, all the while muttering who darn cold it was.

    According to your picture, looks like the temps will come up soon. 70 - 80 is a nice range of warmth. Enjoy! Is this an annual trip you take or a snow bird type of trip for several months?

  2. I usually stay here for a few weeks in the Fall, and then try to stay for January (my least favorite month!)
    Thanks for your comments!!