Sunday, September 26, 2010

The tailgate was enjoyable...

...the game!?

Not so much.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Not since his first season as a Division-I head football coach in 2004 has Brian Kelly lost three consecutive games. Thanks to Notre Dame's glaring impotence Saturday against Stanford, Kelly's reliving his darkest days. 

It took two seasons for Kelly to push Central Michigan over .500 and a third to reach a bowl game. Fighting Irish fans won't want to hear this, but it's time they come to grips with the same reality. 

~Wes Morgan

Enough of that.
Time to return to the pre-game activities...

The night before the game I decided I would make the subs. My decision was based solely on the fact that I forgot to call Jimmy John's.

I hate to admit it but after two very successful years of tailgating, I've been slipping. 
I blame it all on the MollDoll...


Her first year she spent quality tailgating time with us. She ate, we chatted, she told me all about the ups and downs of her new life. Her Daddy spent time grilling her the perfect burger, and she ate every bit of it.

She spent quality time with her cousins, and her siblings...

...and we always met up after the game for more coddling. 

I would go home after each game and start planning for the next one. 
Weather never kept us away either...and I hate sitting in the rain.
Life was good.

Her second year was a little different. We fed hoards of students, we ran out of burgers, we met Molly's friends, and the parents of Molly's friends.
Life was one big party!


Our tailgates were loud and crowded. I would go home and sleep for two days.
Life was still good.

And now, 2010...

Her third year.

We've spent the first couple hours of the first and second game asking, "Where's Molly?", "Has anyone seen Molly?". 
When she arrives her visits are short. 
Her and her friends seem to be vegetarians, not hungry, or unable to stop texting. They also eat at other tailgates. 
I find this appalling.

According to Molly everything is fine.

Classes are fine.
Student teaching is fine.
She's eating fine, sleeping fine, and studying just fine.

I am not fine.

Yesterday's tailgate consisted of awesome chili, numerous snacks, and those beautiful sub sandwiches made with love. We drove home with thirty of those unwrapped sandwiches, two gallons of chili, and three huge bags of tortilla chips.

The apple martini mix helped to calm me a little...

We called Molly after the game, and we asked her what her plans were.

Her response was simple...."don't know yet!, love you!, see you soon!, be careful driving!"

Obviously we're done with the post game coddling I've grown so fond of.

That's fine too. 

I realize this is what we want for our children, I've read all the books.
They need to spread their wings, they need to grow up, they need to not need us...yada yada. 
I'm working on it.

I'm hoping that apple martinis and an occasional prayer will aid me through this separation process. 
If not, I can always bribe her to spend more time with me.

And I am grateful that Lisa' hubby Jim enjoyed the chili...

Yes, life is still good.

{Oh...and Michael texted us that the seats for the next ND game are going for $12!...I am grateful he's inherited my humor...I hope that was a joke.}

Go Irish!

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  1. I just found your blog. It makes me smile. I too am navigating the road of an empty nest. I just don't like it. I miss my kids and seems I'm on the verge of tears almost daily. I liked the chaos, the energy of everyone together. Guess it means I need to figure out and focus on me. But it's hard. My youngest just started college this fall. I have talked to her 2 times in the past 2 weeks. And both times were very quick conversations because she had to go.
    Anyway, I've rambled enough. I just want to say thanks for writing and sharing. You've made my day a little bit brighter.