Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dog Days...

Oh My...
It's only been a few days that my nest has been cold, lonely, and oh so boring.
And here I am, whiney and depressed...ringing my hands, roaming my empty house.
Huge exaggeration. 
It's really not that bad. I'm not really roaming nor hand wringing.

I am organizing.

I usually spend the first couple of weeks cleaning, purging and baking. 
I drop large boxes in the Goodwill bins. I fold everything that's foldable. I make large batches of cookies and freeze them (and sometimes crack a tooth on a frozen cookie in the middle of the night.)

I rid my Tivo of ridiculous sitcom choices. I vow to watch PBS.

And I create posts where my dogs are writing me letters.

I know I'm a little wacky, and I also know admitting the problem is half the battle.
So please don't send me any "snap out of it" type comments.

One more week and I won't even notice how empty my house is.
I'm thinking of renting out some rooms.


  1. You crack me up!
    At least you have the dogs.
    And the cookies, of course. Can't forget the cookies. I'd take a cookie, but I'm trying to be good. So eat about five of them for me...

  2. Actually I have my husband too...hmmm..kinda forgot about him!

  3. This is great. And I love the name of your blog. You have a great sense of humor. It helps on THOSE days doesn't it? Great to meet you :)

  4. How cute is that picture?!? Ha ha ha adorable!!

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  6. Please do follow me! I shall put you on my blog list - that Cooper looks so like my Tess, who is also fond of rolling in something unspeakable just after an expensive haircut. Nice to meet you.