Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling a little blah...

I've been living on tea and english muffins for a few days (notice the crumbs on the counter). I ache, and my brain is fuzzy. I think I'm mourning the end of summer, the withering of my flowers, and the algae in my pool.

I'm sure it's not that I miss Molly. 
{But I do think she should return home where I'll teach her all she needs to know} I'm a wealth of life experience.

I'll post soon...I know things are looking brighter when I put peanut butter on my english muffin...


  1. Golly - hope you are not sickening for something horrible like influenza. That English muffin swimming in butter looks SO good.

  2. I kind of feel the same way lately. Too bad we're not neighbors, I would love to come over for some tea and muffins...