Saturday, June 26, 2010

Molly Cooks...

Molly decided to treat us to dinner last night...and it was delicious!
She whipped up a dish called...

Three Cheese Chicken Penne Pasta Bake

Whenever there's cooking going on Cooper gazes lovingly at the cook in hopes of a sample...but Molly's tough...and she thinks my dogs are fat. 
I don't agree...


Today the girls and I are meeting at Priscilla of Boston to help Maggie in her quest for the perfect dress!! I can't wait...and of course it seems like yesterday we were prom dress shopping! I remember thinking she was growing to fast and I  wasn't ready for her to leave for college. Now we're talking wedding dresses, cakes, and honeymoons....::sigh::


  1. Hi Mary. They do grow up so fast - don't they? Neither of my boys are married - I am anxiously awaiting them to meet their perfect girl. Sigh. Can't rush it though . . .

    I'm tickled you are joining in the sorority. I think we'll all have some fun together.

    I will add you on tomorrow night or Monday morning after the Rush has settled down. Just grab and post the button and you are all set.

    :) See you soon! Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  2. aww Molly Dolly cooking dinner!!! But she's 2 yrs old!!! She shouldn't be allowed to go NEAR that stove!!!
    -LOVE your #1 fan