Sunday, June 27, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress!!

Saturday was a beautiful day...
Molly and I met Maggie at Priscilla of Boston in hopes of finding
the perfect dress.
Maggie's MIL-to-be, and SIL-to-be also joined was quite exciting!!

{Cindy and Paige}

I did not behave like a crazy MOB {mother of the bride}. 
I was cool, nonjudgemental, and very quiet. 
Teacher-Girl warned me that there would be absolutely "NO PICTURES ON THAT BLOG" unless she approved them. And of course I was not allowed to post a picture of her wedding dress when if she found it today...{I knew this of course, but I graciously nodded my head in agreement, I nodded a lot today...and smiled...}

Maggie was more than excited...she was ecstatic. The last time I saw this look on her face, it was Christmas morning and she just unwrapped her Barbie Dream House...I believe that was just yesterday.
Of course we always forget something, and today it was high heels...our attendant, Nancy, was gracious enough to hunt down a pair of three inch stilettos...oh how I wish I could wear these!! 

Maggie only tried on a few dresses...the third dress she had tried on was THE DRESS and we all knew it.

It wasn't this one...

Or this one...

Or any of these...

All I can say is it's beautiful, it looks perfect on her, and my Teacher-Girl is very excited.

Not very long ago I was raising two boys, and secretly praying for a daughter.
It wasn't an easy road, nor a quick one...but I eventually made it to the end of that road, and I was blessed. 
My darling girl with freckles and Barbie barrettes is all grown up...and soon to be a wife...and although it makes me very sad...I couldn't be any happier!

 Although I was somewhat embarrassed when I had to pry the dress out of her hands...

{...I love photoshop!}

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  1. good luck with the wedding plans! I can't imagine looking for wedding dresses with my girls. I think I would be crying the whole time! LOL

  2. What an exciting time!!! I must say all the dresses looked beautiful!! One of these days ( a few years down the road) it will be my turn to help my daughter find a dress.

  3. What a wonderful post and a wonderful day for all of you. Thanks for taking us along. Beautiful shots. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Weddings are such as special time in a parents life and I hope you enjoy the journey.

  5. What a great day for you and your daughter. Your daughter is beautiful and I'm sure the dress she picked will be gorgeous on her.

  6. Aw, what a sweet post! Thanks for sharing your day with us. :)

  7. All the best with the wedding and such a lovely post.. reminds me of the lil daughter I have and I should spend as many quality time with her before she leaves the nest in 10 years.. *tears*

    thanks for sharing this post with us..

  8. Allso pretty and such a happy time for all of you! Congratulations!
    I remember this activity 10 yrs ago with my little one and only girl who is now a mom! I'm tearing up.