Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Droid

This post is about as exciting as my life at the current moment.
The weather outside is frightful!
Molly is back at ND and had to hang out in the dorm basement because of tornado warnings... and Maggie stopped over for a visit and couldn't return home because the expressway was closed due to flooding.
The rain here has been brutal...although my yard is very green, my plants are water-logged, my pool is murky, and my dogs are depressed...

The Coopster enjoys a good swim but all he can do now is sulk...and occasionally poop on the newly textured deck. Lovely pup.

Ozzie was never much of a water dog but he has other issues. We've purchased a "pool droid" to clean the pool. Our pool man was getting a little too pricey... and he no longer resembled my idea of how a "pool man" should look {you know what I mean, and you can call me sexist if you'd like}. Ozzie hates the droid, he spends hours on the side of the pool barking and growling...

The droid is working overtime...hopefully we'll have one or two pool weeks before we have to close it up and buckle down for another brutal winter.

And once again I ask...Why do I keep coming back here when just yesterday I was here....??

The answer to that is simple...

...darn kids!


  1. Your pups are SO cute! Ozzie reminds me of my Chloe....she would despise the pool droid as well!

  2. Yes, pool guys are supposed to have a certain "look"! ;-)

    Poor little Coopster...he and Simon can walk around together sulking with their heads hung low...for whatever their reasons may be. :-)