Wednesday, June 23, 2010


On the flight home I sat next to a sweet girl named Sara. She's been blind since birth and was traveling to Chicago to meet friends. Her faithful guide dog, Lou was  accompanying her. He seemed to like my carry-on and felt free to rest his head on it throughout the flight.
Lou is way too cute...not to mention smart...and cuddly...

He's a Black Lab with a little dose of Golden Retriever thrown in. Sara and Lou have been together for three years, and I was amazed how protective he is.
When he's wearing his harness he's all business...but he did manage to pose for the camera. Lou was trained in New York at Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Cooper and Ozzie were a little upset when I walked in smelling like Lou. 
They'll get over it.



  1. Oh my goodness. If looks could kill on that last one.....mad puppy.

  2. Awwww...sweet post! Love Lou and your furbaby as well...

  3. Boy were you ever getting the evil eye from Cooper or Ozzie!