Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plenty of ocean view property left...but it's going fast!

I realize I have a bird addiction, so I made sure to add a crab ...and a gate...   for good measure!!
We're having a great time in Florida, and although the temps are quickly approaching triple digits, it's always good for the soul to spend time on a beach.

Mr. Crabby hung out with us the entire day. He had burrowed a deep hole in the sand and was pretty busy settling into his new beachfront digs. 

I was amazed my MollDoll was not fazed by being in such close proximity to a crab...didn't bother her at all...

Although there is a certain critter that makes her screech...

Just can't figure her out.

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  1. Here from Mosaic Monday!
    What a great collection of photographs.
    boy I love the warm days of spring and summer!

  2. Floria is a nice place to be. The little yellow crab is cute.

  3. Looks like you are having a wonderful time in Florida. Love the mosaic (and your little crab friend) ... I love watching the shore birds -- they are always so busy. Lovely Ibis!

  4. I always enjoy my visits to Florida, too hot for me now. Love the bird mosaic. Have fun!:)

  5. Florida is such a bountiful spot of photogenic fun!

    Mr Crab... tooo cute. Great capture.

    Stop by and join us at Friday Finding Beauty. :)


  6. Super fun! Love your mosaics!

  7. Love the little cutie patootie crab!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  8. I love birds, too, but the crab's a nice touch. You're really got to be looking to find them.

  9. Wonderful shots from the beach, I lvoe all the birds. The wood storks are cool. Beautiful mosaic!

  10. Aahh. The beach life. It could be addictive...even with the wildlife. Valerie

  11. Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. :)