Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Molly's on her way home!!
Sophmore year is over for the MollDoll and we're all very happy!

She's got her ducks in a row and a bit of hard work ahead of her, I'm guessing she'll be just fine...and she's halfway there. She's returning to ND for the summer session, so I only have a short time with her here. Can we please talk about her room?.....

After last summer we decided that we needed some sort of intervention in regards to her messy room. It wasn't pretty, and I'm somewhat OCD when it comes to laundry...I can't walk by a room littered with dirty makes me shiver uncontrollably. 

So...I've bought her a basket for her room. She promises to use said basket daily. 
Her dirty clothes will pile up but they will be contained. {This doesn't make me shiver}. She will do her laundry before the basket overflows.

I'm hoping we'll all be happy...

...and laundry free.