Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank God for the Coffee...

It started out as such a peaceful morning...I received the best gift of all {the coffee, not the tote}...

I was thinking of Lisa while I drank this gift {today is a Chemo-Thursday}...and I looked down and
saw this.....hmmm!?

Lisa had thoughtfully bought "the boys" some new toys and I'm ashamed to say they weren't very appreciative....animals!

How silly of me to expect that any stuffed toy would remain stuffed...
Here's a pic of Cooper as a pup...and I believe Lisa bought that toy also.

I know...he's just sooo precious.....who can stay mad??....{I can, at least for awhile}.

And in his usual peaceful manner, Ozzie poses for the camera...

I'm sure Ozzie had absolutely nothing to do with this...

Sorry Lisa....think plastic next time.
I'm thinking of you...


  1. Can't wait to come home now!


  2. those little dogs are so precious!!! thanks for stopping by my blog today~!

  3. That is adorable! I have a dog that is a Yorkie mix. He loves stuffed animals. For some reason he goes straight for the eyes!