Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Chilly Florida Forecast's around 6 degrees at home and 55 degrees here. I realize it's much colder at home but a cold spell in Florida leaves little to do. Molly and I will be leaving on Tuesday, heading home so she can spend some time with her friends before returning to school. I think we'll be seeing another movie today...yesterday we saw "It's Complicated". Great movie! I'd see it if I were you.
I'm lost without my camera, and I apologize for my lack of pictures and my boring ramblings. (Boring ramblings always look a little better with photos.) I'm itching to return home and take down all that is Christmas. I usually have everything neatly put away by now so I'm starting to obsess about it. As much as I love the holidays, everything looks a little tacky in the New Year.
My son and his bride returned from the Dominican Republic, they had a wonderful time in the sunshine. My son Jerry will be on his honeymoon (God willing) next Christmas. I'm beginning to think they're planning these things around the holidays to avoid our loud,somewhat stressful celebration. That's ok...I'm glad to see them happy.
Maybe I'll go somewhere the following Christmas.
Once again...Happy New Year!

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