Friday, January 1, 2010

I Love Amazon!

Yes, I do love to order things, but now I find it way too easy! I'm not sure when I discovered but I haven't found any other site that keeps me happy. I've decided to randomly put my favorites (just like Oprah?!) on my blog to share with everyone....yes I know that my favorites may not be your cup of tea, but then again maybe you will have to have them too!! I have been known to order odd combinations of things such as a telephoto lens, aromatherapy oil, and coffee pods, yet Amazon never judges me. Yes, my UPS guy thinks I have a problem, but I feel I've earned the right to avoid the mall and just click my way to happiness. If you do find yourself enamored with Amazon, please upgrade to Amazon Prime for the free shipping. I always feel that free shipping is a gift from above and therefore must be utilized often. The quick delivery has been a lifesaver, especially when ordering a college text book that should have been ordered earlier (you know who you are). Anyway... enjoy, create a wish list for the hubby who buys you stinky cologne, and is short, order often.

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