Monday, July 28, 2014


...they're always just around the bend.

Our year in the city had it's ups and downs.
Living steps away from mighty Lake Michigan was awesome at first, but after a few months I noticed that 
the lake lost a little bit of it's luster!
Opening the blinds every morning still made me smile, but by the end of the day 
I didn't seem to notice the view. 
Call me crazy.

The crowds were in full swing in the summer, and getting down twenty one flights in a service elevator, 
with two barking dogs wasn't ideal.
Let's just say my dogs never had good timing in the waste management department.
But I did meet a lot of dog friendly people, and the gossip in the elevator was hilarious.

Living on the lake in the winter has a downside.
Oh yes, it's still pretty!! And my darlings had fun looking down.

But the snow piled up and the wind was brutal.
During the winter Eleanor and her parents decided to move. 
They never asked my opinion though ;)
I was happy they were getting more space, but my babysitting days were ending.

And we wanted a change. 
So off to the western 'burbs we went.
I'm not sure this will be our forever home, but for now it's ideal.

Before we moved I posted about our Ozzie leaving us. 

It was a very difficult time for me, and anyone who's lost a furry friend knows how it feels.
Ozzie was a gentle old soul and we'll always miss him.
But Cooper seems to be less forlorn and he loves his new digs.
No elevators!! And a huge grassy area that looks like heaven.

Home Sweet Home...

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