Saturday, April 20, 2013


...and snow in April!

This time last year we were in a drought.
Crazy weather here, but we still have plenty to be thankful for.
The tragedy in Boston is on everyone's mind, and after the apprehension of the second suspect, 
my thoughts traveled in another direction.
Probably not a good direction.
I wondered about the police who apprehended him, and I wondered about the medical staff that had to treat him.

I wondered if I could have ignored the fact that this was a murderer.
I'm not sure. 
It takes dedication to heal without judgement, and I'm thankful that we have dedicated people who can do so.

My wonderful niece Katie has organized a fundraiser here in Chicago.
If you're in Chicago, how about dusting off the sneakers and participating?

You can view the details HERE!

I do regret my time in Florida. I missed some of my granddaughter's milestones.
And I missed St. Patrick's Day in Chicago.
Eleanor watched her Daddy on the news...

I'd like to think she was watching Daddy, but she does have a habit of pulling the DVDs off the shelf.
Either way, my DIL Carolyn takes beautiful pictures!

LawyerBoy took the time to show off his baby girl, and the crowd seemed to think she deserved some applause.

It was another cold St. Paddy's Day, but everyone bundled up and enjoyed the day. 
I'm sure a hot toddy or two helped them forget the cold.

(That's my boy!)

(And that's Grandpa!)

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