Saturday, April 13, 2013


I've always been a "mom-that-hovers".
I started my family early and never regretted that. 
I stayed home, I cooked, cleaned, and doted. I wasn't perfect.
I learned many lessons, some from my own mom, some from my mother-in-law, and some from people no longer with me.

I had two boys, and I longed for a girl, maybe two.
And I was blessed.

I made lots of mistakes. I dealt with my babies thinking that was a hard road.
Silly me.
Then they got older, and I longed for a little more baby time.
High school, college...every decade had it's moments.

My mother used to say,"I bambini piccoli problemi. I figli grandi problemi grandi"
(Little children little problems, big children, big problems!)

My mother wasn't always right, but she was right quite a bit of the time.
Just like I am.

Did I tell you I'm a Grandmother?! HaHa! Everyone knows!
I'm not a t-shirt girl, so you won't see me in clothing that promotes my status, but I've yelled it from the rooftops, 
emailed friends from high school, and mentioned it to strangers.
Everybody knows.

The thing about being a grandparent means your own child has grown up. Really grown up.
Those two boys at the top of this post are grown men now.
They have jobs, wives, houses, and babies. They have babies.

Change is tough sometimes.
But I'm embracing the changes, loving every moment with my family, 
and trying hard not to move around my DIL's furniture because glass coffee tables make me nervous, and redecorating.

Parenting wasn't always easy.
Grandparenting is much more fun. 
I recommend it.

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