Friday, February 10, 2012

Thrift Stores...

...I was never really a fan.
(I blame that on my germ fearing mother).
But I found this amazing piece of art at St. Columbkille's thrift store.

I've been a Catholic forever, but I hadn't heard of this saint. 
I did a little research and discovered he's Irish and was a missionary in Scotland...good enough for me.

So, my Floridian neighbor/friend/partner in crime, (Shirley) convinced me to join her at St. Columbkille's in sunny southwest Florida.

I've been looking for something to hang over the couch. 
It had to be big.
It had to be beachy 
It had to have the right earth tones.
And it had to be a great price because it was used and might carry bad juju.

I plunked down $50, earned a tax deduction, and let a cute boy carry it to my car.
The BigDaddy hung it over the sofa, and there it shines!

It's perfect.

Tomorrow I'm hanging out at the Kiwanis Thrift Store near Sanibel Island.
I hope St. Columbkille understands.
I need a vase.


  1. I share your nonchalance about thrift stores, but there are times when I think I should go in for a look. What a find for you! Show us more if you find anything else!

    1. No luck today...just lots of used stuff!!

  2. Love it! I confess I'm a thrift store junky (junker?) I have found some of the coolest stuff for so cheap - it's addicting and I find it hard to pay full price for anything anymore! lol

    1. I'm starting to enjoy the thrill of the search!
      But I carry hand sanitizer with me!