Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear Grandbaby,

I'm waiting for you!

I know it's still too early, but every morning when I wake up, my old, fuzzy brain counts the days 'til you're due. 
I know about due dates. I've had four of them. I know about waiting!
And your Grandma is not very good at it!

I think that you're a boy. 
But now that I've said that I'm sure you're a girl.
I don't have a preference. A healthy, smiling, chubby bundle will do.

Your wonderful Mama is taking great care of you.
You're very lucky. 
She works very hard and takes care of your Daddy, so she must get very tired at the end of the day.
Carrying you around can be hard, but your Mama doesn't mind. 
I know you love to kick her and let her know you're happy, but try not to dance around too much during the night...
she needs her sleep!. 
And so do you!

You should know this... you're going to have awesome parents.
They're funny, and serious, and full of love for you. 
They're good looking too, so I'm pretty sure you're going to be a beautiful baby!

So relax little Baby Bear. Don't worry about a thing.
It's a tough world out there but you have a family with loads of love waiting for you. You couldn't be more loved.
Enjoy your tiny surroundings for now. When you enter this big world it might be daunting. But you'll never be alone. 
There will be plenty of loving arms to carry you. 
Plenty of prayers to protect you.  

And don't forget...the Grandmas are patiently waiting with open arms.

And presents.
Lots of presents.


  1. You are TOO cute, Grandma! And so is Grandbaby's Mama, too. How come I'm not that cute when I'm pregnant?! ;)

    1. I'm sure you looked adorable while pregnant!
      Your little ones are certainly adorable!

  2. Love this post! And yes, how come this younger generation does look soooo cute while expecting? Prayers for a speedy, safe delivery and years of cuddles to come! Blessings!

    1. Thank you Cindy!
      I'm sure the generation before us thought we looked cute. We just didn't think we looked cute...we were too exhausted!

  3. What wonderful words for your upcoming bundle of joy!!

  4. Just to say Mary Elizabeth, that i have read your later blog entries but there seems to be no way in which I can leave a comment any more. Love the picture of the little dog.