Saturday, January 14, 2012

September 2011...

September brought us some wonderfully exciting news!
Carolyn is expecting our first grandchild!

When LawyerBoy and Carolyn announced their news everything changed for me.
Becoming a Grandma is my new obsession. 

Of course ND football had begun and the MollDoll was in her glory.
This is the last season she'll be lounging in the student section. Bittersweet I'm sure.
I'll miss the die-hard fans!

My mom had a serious fall in early September and she's still in rehab.
I was hoping she'd be much better by now but her progress is slow.
She's happy though!

September usually starts my baking frenzy, and this year wasn't any different.
Unfortunately I've been snacking on my gooey creations. 
It's not like I have a wedding to attend anymore. 
And I believe Grandmas need to have some ampleness about them. 
I think it's a requirement.

Of course my unfair disbursement of baked goods caused a little jealousy.
What was I thinking? 

That will never happen again. 

We ended the month with a tour of TeacherGirl's classroom.
She invited us to ooh and aah over her Smart Board. We were impressed.
I walked away worrying about the fate of chalk. And erasers.
And the art of clapping erasers together to clean them. Showing my age with that one aren't I!?!
I was a little sad.

I enjoyed September.


  1. I didn't know that about, now I really feel old!

  2. Don't worry....I'll always be older than you!