Sunday, January 15, 2012

October through December 2011...

I thought I'd wrap up my year-in-review since I have quite a bit to do next week.
And to Cindy in PA...please do this for 2012! I'll enjoy reading it!


Oh how I love October!
But I missed the costume making this year.
TeacherGirl usually asks me to help her with a costume but this year she was on her own. And she did well.
But I am looking forward to sewing for my soon-to-be grandbabies!

We took a trip to our local Pumpkin Patch.
I was surprised when my boys showed up.

(I'm grateful for their wives who point them in the right direction!)

There was a lot of baking and tailgating this month.

I set a record high when it came to taffy apple cookies...

October 7th was a sad day. 
This would have been Lisa's 50th birthday.
Turning fifty is a milestone and I was saddened that her family couldn't celebrate this birthday with her. 
I thought about the upcoming holidays and her absence.
I spent lots of time thinking about unfairness this month. I was moody and crabby.
I admit it wasn't healthy, but sometimes you just have to go with it.
So I did.


This month I was touched by a blogger's post about Compassion International.
I began with a donation to build a well, and I started a sponsorship with a young girl named Madeline Alexa in Ecuador. 
Things happen for a reason, and finding this organization was a blessing.
The well has been completed and another well is being built.
Please consider a donation.

I spent quite a bit of time dreaming about becoming a Grandma.

I also bought hokey t-shirts announcing my upcoming status.
Don't worry, I only wear these t-shirts indoors.

Chicago lost the beloved Maggie Daley, and LawyerBoy was honored to be a piper at her funeral. 

I spent most of the month sewing cow costumes for TeacherGirl's class, decorating the indoors for Christmas, 
and continuing to bask in the thoughts of becoming a grandma.
November was very busy and I wouldn't expect any less.


We had our first snow!

The house was full of Christmas spirit. I didn't finish everything I planned, but that's normal for me. 
I baked...and baked. I sprinkled and sprinkled.

We attended TeacherGirl's Christmas play...the cows were awesome!

And on Christmas Eve we received the best news of all!
Michael and Margaret are expecting a little one this summer!
That means two grandbabies for me!

It was a wonderful end to a year full of changes. 
A year with sorrow and joy.
A year that was very different from other years, but still very much the same.

Do you have a favorite month from 2011?
Let me know.

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  1. Thank you for the "shout out" and for sharing your year in review! 2011 seemed full of events both sad and happy. Blessings to you as we begin our walk through 2012!