Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year...

...where did the old one go?

It must be my age.
The years are racing by.
2011 was a year of changes, like most years tend to be.
I thought I'd begin my year in review...

January 2011

January found Lisa and I in Florida. 
I remember how sick she was, but denial is a comforting force. Temporary, but comforting. 
Looking back I wonder if I would have spent this time with her differently. Probably not. 
We spent our days on the island. 
We talked about our children, our dogs, and our love of the ocean.
We didn't talk about the huge, nasty elephant that stuck to Lisa like glue.
I pretended it wasn't there with us. 

Looking back, I realize she may have been thinking this could be her last year. 
I was still thinking she'd be with me forever.

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