Thursday, January 12, 2012

July 2011

July was a busy month.
I grudgingly entered the hospital for surgery, and it went surprisingly well.
As I waited to be taken to surgery I thought about Lisa and how strong she was.
We all know that no matter what we're going through, there's always someone who has dealt with more.
My body wasn't healthy, yet it was cancer free and fixable. 
I waited for my surgery knowing that I was lucky, and I sent out a prayer to those who are not.

I was blessed with good wishes.
The flowers were beautiful...the cookies were yummy. 

Spending guilt free days in bed was a nice perk too!

Summer was in full swing.

I vowed to spend more time with friends. 
To be thankful for the old and the new friendships.
And to be a better friend. It wasn't hard to keep that promise.

The month ended quietly. That was a good thing.


  1. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your pictures and words defining your 2011. I'm thinking of "borrowing your idea" for next year. :)