Wednesday, November 9, 2011


of a sloppy eater.

It's true. I'm sloppy. And I love junk food.
I eat whatever I want, wherever I small portions though.
It doesn't bother me when the keyboard is sticky.

I was quite excited when I spotted these mini ice cream containers for a dollar! 
I bought eight of them. 
It's true that I could have purchased two gallons for less money, but that's where I have a problem. 
Small containers keep me on track. I'll only have one per day.
I know that doesn't work for everyone.
(You know who you are) 

But it works for me. 

One more confession...
Cap'n Crunch with CrunchBerries is my favorite cereal.
I don't even hide it anymore. That's one of the perks of growing older... no one really notices.

1 comment:

  1. I love those small size ice cream containers! Definitely help with portion control, well, except if you eat 3 at one sitting. Then it's just not good....but they are so yummy!

    In college, my roommate and I would sneak a box of Captain Crunch form the sorority kitchen and to hide the evidence we'd have to eat it. All. But a whole box really makes the roof of your mouth raw!